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Madison Dulmage

National Board Certified Integrative Health Coach


what is integrative health coaching?


Integrative health takes a holistic look at a person’s well-being, addressing physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental influences that may affect a person’s health.  A coach provides a non-judgmental evidence-based structure to support each person in discovering, articulating, and achieving their goals.  


what I will do for you as your coach...


As a client, you will set your agenda when it comes to health goals. An NBC-HWC, and Certified by Duke Integrative Medicine in integrative health coaching, I will utilize behavioral change theories and tools to help us identify your vision and values, create an action plan, and strategize against any challenges that may arise.


We will develop practical solutions for everyday living to foster long-lasting habits that allow you to live the healthiest and happiest version of your life.  We are partners on a journey to discover what a fulfilling, satisfying, and healthy lifestyle means to you.


who do I work with?


I work with professional women, mothers to be and new moms who are navigating the transitions in life.


You decide your goals and forward movements on this journey.  The wheel of health covers your mind-body connection, movement and rest, nutrition, personal and professional development, physical environment, relationships, and spirituality. 


If you are interested in plant-based lifestyles, I am certified by eCornell University in Plant-Based Nutrition and have many years of personal experience.  I can help you navigate this world whether it’s adopting one meatless meal a day or a complete overhaul of your diet.  


what about your life would you like to change? 


what people say

Working with Madison helped me examine more deeply my thinking around my life-style choices particularly in the area of nutrition and food. She kept me focused and moving forward toward my goals. Her coaching style was firm but fun and motivated me to try new approaches to old habits. I would highly recommend working with Madison on finding a better balance on any of life's little or big stresses.

—  Susan R.

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