My one on one coaching empowers you to live a compassionate life full of plants.   Whether that involves introducing Meatless Monday to your life, or a complete overhaul of your diet, our partnership will help you create sustainable plant-based changes.  
why work with a coach?

There are a number of reasons to work with a Certified Health Coach that's also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition.  A Health Coach can help you understand your motivations behind increasing your plant intake, as well as be a resource for any questions you may have. Maybe your motivation is already there, but you need help fitting it into your lifestyle. Maybe you are unsure of where to start, what to tackle first.  If this sounds like something you are looking for, then a coach can help you get on track and create sustainable changes. Whatever your reason for wanting some extra help in achieving your personal goals, I'd love to assist you along your transformation journey

all services include

  • A review of your personal health plan

  • Coaching calls weekly or bi-weekly for 45 minutes, depending on your package

  • Support in-between sessions, as needed

  • Motivation and accountability to help you make the lifestyle changes you’re looking for

  • Resources, if requested, on plant-based meal plans, tips, nutrition, etc.

All of my plans will start with a 20-minute complimentary consultation.  This is our opportunity for both of us to assess if working together will be beneficial and a good fit.  A brief discussion about what in the plant-based field you may be interested in working on, explore the coaching process model and address any questions you may have about coaching and our partnership. 

Our coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly, or bi-weekly (depending on your package) and will last for 30-45 minutes. I also offer support between sessions as needed with consistent motivation and accountability to help ensure you make the lifestyle changes you set out to achieve.


30 Days

This program is great for someone who may already have a focus in mind, new to coaching and just wants to see what it's all about, or unable to make a long term commitment at this time.  Additional sessions can be added at the end of our 30 days.  


3 Months

This program is the optimal time for a coaching partnership to ensure sustainable behavior change.  For 3 months we will navigate through the change process model identifying your vision and values, discovering your why, setting goals, and ultimately creating lasting plant-based changes.



Want to add extra sessions to your current program?  Enter a 6 months coaching partnership right away? Or if you are not in a space to make a long term commitment,  we can work together to find something that works for you and gets you on your way to creating change.



*Payment Options Available

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